ChatGPT can leak secret corporate data

ChatGPT can leak secret corporate data: cybersecurity experts sound the alarm

Israeli cybersecurity company Team8 has warned that artificial intelligence (AI) tools, such as the ChatGPT chatbot, could jeopardize clients' confidential information and trade secrets. The...
SunCrypt ransomware plagues a school district in North Carolina

SunCrypt ransomware plagues a school district in North Carolina

A North Carolina school district fell victim to a combo or an extortion attack and a data breach executed by the SunCrypt ransomware gang.

Australian Citizen Imprisoned for Assisting a Gang of Ransomware

Australian authorities have imprisoned an old person from the town of Mackay on charges of laundering funds for the owners of a tech support scam...

Web host loses $1 million in ransomware incident

The newsmaking case of South Korean web hosting provider surrendering to ransomware deployers is one of a kind because the ransom paid amounts to $1...

The decline of the Locky ransomware

The distribution of Locky, one of last year’s most prolific families of crypto ransomware, has been on a downward curve since the beginning of 2017.

Lithuanian scammer defrauds two US companies of $100 million

Evaldas Rimasauskas, a 48-year- old Lithuanian, pulled off a high-profile CEO fraud campaign that resulted in two US tech companies losing over $100 million.

Macro malware could be the next big thing for attacking macOS

A virus distribution mechanism involving malicious Microsoft Office macros has recently started affecting macOS machines. Security analysts have gotten accustomed to macro-borne viruses targeting Windows – this attack...

Botnet deploying gift card fraud on a large scale

According to security reports, a botnet called GiftGhostBot has been scouring over 1,000 ecommerce websites for sensitive gift card data since February 26. Distil Networks, a San Francisco...

Numerous Apple customers at risk of data exposure

Hackers from the so-called Turkish Crime Family ring claim to have gotten hold of access creds for a huge number of iCloud accounts. Apple ID credentials pose an...

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